Adjustable Plastic Book Cover - H364mm x L380-425mm

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Adjustable Plastic Book Cover - H364mm x L380-425mm

Product Code: LYBH364L380-425

  • Manufactured from high-quality flexible PVC

  • Long lasting, affordable book protection

  • Height: 364mm

  • Min Length: 380 mm

  • Max Length: 425 mm



Do you have a book that you love?

Then why not keep it fantastic and wrap it in plastic!

At we recognise that your book is much more than just a good read.

So our protective sleeves are a 'must-have' essential for any book.

"Why is that?" I hear you ask.

Well, anything from the acid in your fingerprints to the deadly fear of the 'coffee stain' can cause great damage to your book cover.

That book you love so much can then be ruined.

So our protective sleeves will save and protect your book, ensuring that it can carry on a life of enjoyment for you and others for many more years to come.

Our protective sleeves are made from high quality PVC and have a beautifully modern edging to them.