How to measure your book for that perfect fit...

Using Figure 1 below as a guide, measure the Height (A) rounding up to the nearest even number of milimeteres. So for example if the book height is 197mm round up to 198mm.

The height measured forms the first part of the product code for the cover you require.

So using the same example the first part of the Code would be LYBH198. (Note the ‘LYBH’ prefix).

Next, measure the overall ‘Length’ of the cover =(2xB)+C. Measure the Length of the cover (B) Multiply this by 2 and add it to the width of the spine (C). Ensure that all measurements taken are in millimetres. The overall length measured will fall into one of 9 size categories which we offer (see Figure 2).

So for example if B measures 150mm and C measures 20mm then the overall length calculated would be (2X150)+20=320(mm) and you would select category L290-335.

Using an ‘L’ prefix this category then forms the final part of the product code for the cover required eg. LYBH198L290-335.

You can quickly find the product by either entering the code into the search bar at the top of our homepage or by choosing from the dropdown menus in or size checker.